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satellite SNG/video/web conferencing

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Aug 4th, 2008 at 9:58am  
hello everybody,

This is david,from kampala Uganda and am planning a satellite based business plan,so am kindly seeking expert advice.
well according to my plan,i have two models.

the first being a standby mobile vsat van with highspeed internet connectivity that will be moving to customer premises just to provide high speed internet for web conferencing with a particular client  through a web conferencing website like say ; site.

here i assume one site only since the remote(or second) party is assumed to be over seas or a corperate network with already an existing high speed connectivity.

the second model is where i have two sites. one is fixed at a client's or my premise and the other is a remote mobile unit say a mobile vsat van that moves to a remote site and relays video feeds to a central headquator enabling two-way kind of communication. This model is similar to satellite news Gathering kind of model.

but in both cases bandwidth should be a provided in the kind of bandwidth on demand basis where a i request for bandwidth only when i need it as opposed to the 24-7 model since alot of bandwidth may lay 'idle' and thus 'wasted'.

this package allows me to pay for what i only use, however, this is my thinking and is not decisive or final, you are the experts so you can advice accordingly.
please advice on compitent service providers and state service rates as well.

yap, that's it,

thanks and regards,
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