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Need to VPN over internet

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Sep 11th, 2008 at 6:30pm  
Hi All...  I am moving to a very remote area in Maine, where there is no broadband internet service available.  I work remotely and have to be connected to my main office all day via VPN.  I do software programming via the VPN.  In addition to the VPN connectivity requirement, I need to be able to browse the web, get email, and run stock trading software which continually updates stock quotes. 

I'm trying to determine if satellite internet would provide acceptable performance for VPN and for my other requirements... and I'm getting overwhelmed!  I found Skycasters (uses iDirect technology, I believe), which looks promising for VPN, but pretty expensive... and I don't even know if this would provide acceptable performance.

Can anyone on this forum point me in the right direction?  What are my options?  What should I be asking?  Are there other satellite internet providers that I should be looking at?

Thank you for your help.


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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Sep 13th, 2008 at 1:33pm  
Username Zodiac17 said he was testing recently see;action=display;num=11...

I suggest you email him.

Usename pgannon, higher up that thread, is also worth contacting for advice on VPN over satellite.

Best regards, Eric.
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Reply #2 - Sep 14th, 2008 at 4:04pm  
Will do.  Thank you Eric.
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Reply #3 - Sep 16th, 2008 at 3:21am  

We have setup and tested VPN over Hughesnet and iDirect.
If you have minute I have outlined some our system setup and tests here for your review.
We used SBS2003, a 2nd win2003 Ent. srv., with Citrix Presentation server 4. local connection 4mbps cable interenet service. Remote user connected through vsat. Our application was to replace long distance dialup costs. We were successful in replacing the dialup service to provide simliar type service speed. Before we began the project some general advice gathered searching online for several years previously, as well as some of the Citrix people we approached was:
* It would not work, or not well.
* There is too much latency.
* You cant do it with vsat, you need mega $$$ large dish.
* it will never be faster then dialup.
* Why use a application server for one user?
In general, no one wanted to mess with it.
Our actual results after various configurations and testing provided the following:
The investment in a dedicated Citrix server tweeked for high delay WAN service proved to work just as good as dialup for a VPN connection. A additional big bonus was high speed interent connection when not using the VPN. Compared to the $800 per month long distance, it paid for itself 1st year.
We tested Hughes and iDirect on the final setup. Hughes provided the most bandwidth per dollar even though of not the best quality. iDirect was hands down the best QOS ISP service. If the remote user would have been willing to use VoIP, we would have used iDirect.
We also investigated EndIIEnd as well as other accelerator vsat products. Since costs ranged in the thousands, we elected to not use any other products. Our Hughes system is a 7700 unit without the VPN accelerator service active.
If you would like to see analogy comparison of latency and bandwidth results using Citrix I can describe it like this:
Create a std. Windows XP VPN connection from a remote site using vsat service and connect to a server connected to a DSL or T1 line.
Now run a test session through remote desk top and note response time.
Now run the same test session through UltraVNC to same server and note response.
In my numerous tests, RDP usually uses 50 to 180kbps upload/download constantly.
VNC reduces that traffic down to 15 to 50kbps.
Citrix reduces that same traffic down into a consistent 15-25kbps range and is highly accurate. More so then VNC and offers many other options to customise specifically for vsat. We needed remote printing redirection which Citrix also supports.
I failed to mention that our Hughes system uses a 512kbps\2mbps service. The iDirect service tested was 380kbps\1mbps. The lower iDirect service kept up and compared very well with the higher Hughesnet bandwidth and was obviously capable of handling additional work at the same time but for our purpose for that project was not cost effective for our needs.
If want to discuss it further I would be glad share additional experiences with the various cfg. setups we tried.
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