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Sateline satellite W3A Pointing using a Large Dish

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Sep 18th, 2008 at 10:06am  
We are unable to lock to W3A satellite using a large diameter dish for one way internet.  Can someone assist sending the pictures on how we can locate the correct position for the digital LNB for KU Band on this dish.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Reply #1 - Sep 18th, 2008 at 11:48am  
If your problem is locating the LNB relative to the dish shape then:

Please send several pictures of your dish and LNB to me at eric@satsig.net
Please measure the diameter of the curved part of the dish from bottom to top and also from side to side.
Put a straight plank of wood up the middle of the front of the dish and measure the depth to the curved surface every 5cm, starting at the bottom.  Use a steel tape measure to set out all the 5cm intervals along the wood, taking all the measurements from the bottom end.

If your problem is pointing the antenna then:

Please say:

Your location (country and town name or lat/long)
What name polarisation (horizontal or vertical) you are trying to receive?.

Please email several pictures of your dish and LNB to eric@satsig.net

Meanwhile I suggest you try the latitude longitude finder and make an inclinometer

If you are using a universal satellite TV type LNB then mount it so that it is nominally upright, probably with the F connector at the bottom and text upright on the lable.   There may also be a line.   This is the polarisation starting position.  

Now apply the polariation adjustment.  Rotate the LNB polarisation clockwise, while facijg towards the satellite, if the required adjustment angle is positive.

Select nominal Vertical polarisation with +13 volts.  Select nominal Horizontal with +19 volts.

If the carrier frequency is 10845 MHz select 22kHz tone OFF so as to get 9750 MHz LNB LO frequency and your modem will need to be set to receive at 1095 MHz in the cable.

Best regards, Eric.
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