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Pointing iDirect with IS1002

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Sep 23rd, 2008 at 6:38pm  
Dear All,

Hope all are well and in best health.

I have a problem pointing iDirect system ( 3000 Modem, LNB NJS8477E , BUC 5 WATT, 1.8 Channel Maseer with cross polorization antenna ) to Intelsat 1002 .

Is there any problem with the IS1002 in Ghana . shall  i try with a biger Antenna 2.4

I can already see the carrier up and runing on the spectrum also i have a reciever and TV which i can see some channels on the same satellite , but when i connect to the iDirect modem and do an Antenna pointing  i have only 2.5dB . what may be the problem .

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