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SCPC - iDirect 5000 Modem problem

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Sep 25th, 2008 at 9:40pm  
Dear all …

I had a very strange problem here so I will try to address the problem in short notes:

1-Am working on iDirect 5000 modem which working in SCPC network on a version of 7.0.5.

2-When trying to migrate from the current satellite we are using to another new one the problem began, I had
a good Lock on the satellite and even done the line up and cross poll test with the satellite provider NOC  upon
a request from the ISP himself. The problem is the TX led is not lighting ever.

3-When I tried it with another modem which is iDirect 3000 everything went fine and the site is up.

4-That’s means I don’t have any problem with my BUC, Antenna pointing or even the cables.

5-I can say that the problem could be from the modem itself but u remember I face a smeller problem with the same ISP with another 5000 modem also gives the same result but I was working on 6.9 version, when we
upgrade it to 7.0.5 at my side and on the hub side it worked fine and I get TX lock.

6-Is the problem from my side “ which I don’t believe in” or its from the ISP side “their Hub and its settings for the SPCS network”

That’s the summary for the problem so I hope to hear you comments soon.

Regards …
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Reply #1 - Sep 29th, 2008 at 5:10am  
maybe bad settings in the option file ?

i dont know honestly

the hub/ and isps always keep the customers in the dark as to whats going on. its an evil empire and we are its slaves!
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Reply #2 - Sep 29th, 2008 at 9:15am  
i think its not from you , its from hub bad setting , can they see the system ??
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