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Reloading the FLASH Image System in iDirect 3100

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Oct 14th, 2008 at 11:06am  
Hello Every one,

Can someone assist me in getting to reload the FIS in the iDirect 3100 Modem. The fis list output shows the Linux and RootFS as missing.
RedBoot> fis list
  Name              FLASH addr  Mem addr    Length      Entry point
  RedBoot           0x50000000  0x50000000  0x00040000  0x00000000
  FIS directory     0x50FE0000  0x50FE0000  0x0001F000  0x00000000
  RedBoot config    0x50FFF000  0x50FFF000  0x00001000  0x00000000
--end snip--

RedBoot> fis load Linux
No image 'Linux' found

Many thanks
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