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installing? Wild Blue

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Oct 23rd, 2008 at 2:41am  
Got a question.  Over a month ago we graduated from dialup to wildblue(so far we love it).  I am a "hands on" kind of guy and followed the installer around and helped him whenever I could.  He told me how much per install he made and he worked for wildblue, and there weren't enough installers.  I observed that he didn't do anything that I couldn't do and that I would like to be able to do installations.  Since then, I have taken and passed the wildblue online course.  I have not yet signed up for the hands on training.  I have come to realize, that this is going to be a sizable committment on my part($130 training,a laptop, one day and 200 miles, enough stuff to equip a truck,etc.), and so far, I don't even know where installation jobs are going to come from.  As near as I can tell,  I would have to become a dealer, or become an employee of a dealer.  Am I right, or am I missing something somewhere?
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Reply #1 - Oct 23rd, 2008 at 9:02pm  
It's not necessary to set yourself up as a dealer, you don't even need a storefront. Assuming you got a certified installer ID number from WB, you can get jobs from the big equipment distributors like DSI, RS&I, and the like. Another option is to get work from a WB reseller like DirecTV, WalMart, etc. It all pretty much hinges upon where you live - where you want to work - if you're willing to relocate - and so on.

For firm leads, I'd expect you could use your ID to log onto the Wildblue installer portal and ask how to get work.

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