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HX50 system setup help

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Dec 22nd, 2008 at 9:24am  
We are trying to setup a HX50 system we recently purchased from an indiviual who already had the modem setup.  Bentley walker informed us that we would be on W3A.  Our location is Latitude = 32.4933, Longitude = 45.7624.  We are trying to shoot the sat via the modems signal strength meter.  The highest signal I have been able to attain with the below settings is 29.

AZ:232.6 (Mag)

After researching this forum I have found that it is a possibility that I am locked onto the correct sat however I do not have the correct frequency and symbol rate programmed into the modem to go above that.  I did have a question on polarzation.  Most of the information that I have found suggests rotating the dish to acheive the desired polarization.  My dish however does not rotate.  Is it possible to instead rotate the feed horn assembly inside the throat and use the degree markings on the end of the unit to reach the desired results.  The symbol rate we were given by the previous owner was 3500000 and freq of 13873.  Also is there some resource that I can access that will allow me to download an updated configuration file for the modem itself?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:28am  
29 is the maximum power reading.  You are pointed at some satellite, but your modem is not locking to the wanted carrier. The figure up to 29 is noise power and will indicate for any and all satellites.  It won't go above the 29 till the tuning and symbol rate match up and the demodulator in the modem has locked to wanted carrier. The higher number (30 up to 100) then represents wanted signal quality.

Contact Bentley Walker to get a configuration sheet for your service.   If W3A is not the same satellite as was used before you will need new symbol rate, frequency and IP addresses etc.  Note what downlink polarisation name you are told to use. Set your polarisation intially to nominal (vertical or horizontal).  Vertical polarisation means the LNB arm will stick out sideways.  Horizontal polarisation is with the LNB arm at the top or bottom.  Then adjust 44.5 deg clockwise, while facing towards the satellite.

Most HX sites use the new 1.2m Prodelin dish which has a mode-matched feed to achieve exceptionally good cross-pol performance.  This dish design must have the rotation of the feed horn (with its lump and 505 mark) always fixed relative to the feed arm.  The setting of the initial polarisation name may be done by attaching the OMT to the spacer tube, LNB upwards or sideways.  The polarisation adjustment angle is then done using a giant circular scale on the back of the dish.

If you have a different dish, without the large polarisation scale on the back, then set the initial polarisation angle (LNB upwards or sideways) using the feed throat clamp.  Then apply the adjustment angle also at the feed throat clamp.  The tiny scale is not really accurate enough so you might try putting an inclinometer sideways across the BUC.  Adjust under verbal instruction from Bentley Walker if they get a poor cross-pol  measurement.

Happy Christmas, Eric.
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Reply #2 - Dec 23rd, 2008 at 5:57am  
Thanks for the reply,

Low and behold I was in fact on the correct sat.  However the polarization adjusment mentioned for whatever reason in my case was incorrect.  The adjustment was anti-clockwise to 44.5.  The modem itself had to be reset to factory default settings in order for it to allow me to change the freq and symbol rate provided by BW.  We are now up and running smoothly.  Thanks again for the responce and all the usefull inromation on this forum.

Perry Moore
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Reply #3 - Sep 5th, 2009 at 9:12pm  
I too have setup a HX50 system we purchased from another here in Iraq., using Bentley Walker as the ISP and we used a Satellite Meter we are pointed at W3A.
I have yet to be able to get my system locked in regardless of what I have tried to do. The system worked great for the previous owner using the same company and satellite, and we have only moved the unit approximately 1/2 mile.

My Settings are as followed:
LAT: 33 deg 51.3 North
LONG: 44 deg 24.6 East
EL: 34.5
AZ: 230.4
POL: 42.5
Symbol Rate: 13000000
Freq: 11272

I have noted that the there was a change in the symbol rate as it is now 12000000, which when I input this into my system it will not stick, as I have confirmed this using telnet.
I do not know how to reset our modem back to factory, and have ran out of ideas on how to get this all running for us.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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