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Problem finding Italian channels on Hotbird... HEL

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Feb 23rd, 2009 at 10:54am  
Dear Forum Members,

Hope you could help me with the following...

I had my satellite dish pointed into the direction of Hotbird 13 (I live in Twickenham) and was enjoying Italian TV (Free to air). At one point (back in November!) the signal disappeared and this weekend I've changed the LNB as it was damaged.

Now the signal intensity is back (65-80%) and the signal quality is around 45-50% according to the stats that appear on the screen.

Unfortunately though it looks like I cannot capture the main Italian channels (RAI Uno, Raid, Due, Canale 5 etc.) anymore. The signal strenghts seems to be there (there's a little dot on the decoder that appears for those channels where the signal is present), but there's no sound or picture.

Instead it looks like I'm picking up a lot of African/Middle-Eastern channhel (Al Bashara, ETN, and many many others) + small Italian TV like Nessuno TV + swisse channels CH 3.

I'm a bit at a loss here... and surely not a subject matter expert, so I would gladly welcome any help/direction you guys could provide.

Many thanks in advance!!



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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Feb 24th, 2009 at 6:55pm  
Please review the listings at

If you can find the program(s) that you want to watch you will need to select the correct polarisation and tune your receiver using the frequency, symbol rate and PID listed.

I recommend you get the manual for your receiver.

Many modern satellite TV receivers can auto-scan a satellite and then allow you to select found programs from a list.  The scan process may take some time, like 30 minutes or more.  Deletion/replacement of the previous record for that satellite will occur.

Best regards, Eric.
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