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Hub antennas for sale 4.5m, 7.3m, 8.1m, 11m  

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Feb 24th, 2009 at 6:44pm  
Andrew 7.3m C band teleport hub antenna for sale.
Just taken out of service. Andrew (ASC Signal) 7.3m C band 4 port, linear, fully motorised, indoor and outdoor controller and and lower half fitted with de-ice. Price: $47,800

Also available:
Andrew 4.6m Ku $18,450
Andrew 4.5m C $11,900
Vertex 8.1m Ku $47,500
Vertex 4.6m C $26,800
Vertex 11m C $38,400

Contact Nicole Anderson
New Era Systems, Inc

phone: 954-580-0900
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