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hx50 parameter problem

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Mar 4th, 2009 at 6:53pm  
i  just finally  recived the right parts  for  my  system  i set  it  up  and the  signal  is a  strong  91    i let  go  through  all the  setting up  automatically  i  entered  the  right  gps   twice  verified  
on the  system status  page  it  say  rx and  tx  are  ready and  operational    but   it  says   that  the  system  is  ignoring  all  parameters   and  has no back up    ive  tried  calling  wafa and  they have a  bad  language  barrier   and  they havent  returned my  emails    im  trying to  find  out  how  to fix  this  
it  gave  me  an  option  of  restoring the  last  recived  parametrs  but  all it  does  is  limit  my  access  to the  router  and  signal  goes  down  and  after a  few min of  this  it  goes  back to   ignoring them  
when i  try to  intaller  register  i enter  all values  and  then  when it  try to  establish  connection to sat  it  times  out     if  anyone could  help  thanks   zac
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Mar 4th, 2009 at 7:38pm  
Please try to get back to the situation "the system status page it say rx and tx are ready and operational".

Once you are in this situation please leave the system powered on and send me a private email to with your site ID and all details from the system status screen (right mouse, select all, copy, paste into email). I may be able to help you.

Best regards, Eric.
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