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PP Balance version 8

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Mar 16th, 2009 at 11:57am  
Folks anyone who can give help on how to rebalance the PPs on version 8 please let me know


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Reply #1 - Mar 17th, 2009 at 12:28pm  
to balance the blades you need to Telnet to the PP controller process. - on the NMS machine
this can be done by either finding the process number on the NMS with a process search: (done at linux prompt)
# ps -ef | grep pp_cont*
the above line should do you, look at the output for pp_controller process and you will have a number following -cp it will start with 15 and be something like 15001, 15002 etc etc.
type in:
#telnet localhost 1500x
whatever the number was.  Username admin, password - whatever password you set in iBuilder.
you are now in the pp controller process on the NMS.
#blades rebalance
et voila!
the easy way to do it is to open iMonitor, right click on the PP controller - not individual blade, the step higher, then connect, use the same username and password as above, this will put you in the same place.
Be careful, a blade rebalance WILL throw remotes offline and force them to re-acquire.  A rebalance is only normally required if you bring a new PP on to the system, or if there has been a failure for some reason.  Make sure you investigate why the rebalance is required if it is not a new blade.

hope that helps
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