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HX and Prodelin Mode Matched Feed set up

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

Posts: 2109
May 5th, 2009 at 3:24pm  
The Prodelin antenna with the mode matched feed may be set up as follows:

You assemble the Feed to the OMT/BUC for nominal horizontal receive polarisation, with the 505 on the feed throat exactly away from the feed support arm and with LNB filter upwards.
You later rotate the entire complete dish for setting any nominal polarisation and any polarisation angle adjustment, using the giant circular scale behind the dish.

If you want nominal Horizontal receive then the starting position will look like this:

If you want nominal Vertical receive then use the giant scale to turn the entire dish 90 deg, either of these:
... ...

It is now a matter of applying the polarisation adjustment angle.
If the polarisation adjustment angle is positive, rotate the whole dish clockwise, while facing towards the satellite.
If the polarisation adjustment angle is negative, rotate the whole dish anti-clockwise, while facing towards the satellite.

Read more here about set up of mode match feed

Best regards, Eric.
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