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Wanted South UK: Prodelin 1.8m or 2.4m offset

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May 10th, 2009 at 11:01pm  
Hi all,

I'm located in the South of the UK, and I'm looking for a decent antenna to use from L-Band thru Ka-Band (32GHz). I've heard that Prodelin antennas have excellent surface accuracy, and therefore could be suitable for the higher frequencies. I don't need any feed horns etc, as I can make those. Ideally the antenna would come with the feed arms, and appropriate AZ/EL mount, but failing that I can make these items.

If you have something that is located in the UK, please contact me through my website at

thanks in advance,

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - May 11th, 2009 at 10:12am  
Prodelin antennas are listed here:

Here are the details of a 1.8m antenna for 30 GHz: 1.8m Ka band Prodelin
Note the reflector material is described as "Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC, Ka band formulation"

C and Ku band dishes made with "Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC" may have a metalisation reflecting surface which is unsuitable for Ka band operation, even if the visible plastic surface accuracy is excellent.

In my experience, offset dishes with dual feed arm support struts are vulnerable to distortion due to the weight of the feed assembly.  You may need adjustable rear side struts (like many smaller Channelmaster dishes) to pull or push on the sides of the dish to get the front rim exactly flat to <1 mm.

Best regards, Eric.
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