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Aquiring W6 from Iraq

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May 18th, 2009 at 5:30am  
Hi, I'm having problems getting on 21.5 Eutelsat W6 from Balad, Iraq with my Star Pro modem. Here's the info I have:

Lat: 33.944
Log: 44.3949

El: 43.5
Az: 213.0
Pol: 30
Vertical polarization

I have a Andrews 1.2M dish, P/N 3040942
Buck: NJT50374

I'm using a Horizon digital Meter with the 21.5 Eutelsat W6 dataset loaded. On the V 21.5 Eutelsat W6 10G setting I am getting 75dbm signal when I'm set at the correct AZ/EL/Pol, and it goes down when I swing up/down left/right from the best signal spot, but I can't get a locked on the satellite.

Any advice?
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - May 18th, 2009 at 9:49am  
Check your polarisation:  For vertical name polarisation set the LNB filter arm sideways initially. Which side does not matter.  Then turn the polarisation +30 deg clockwise, while facing towards the satellite.

The Horizon meter is always a sensitive meter for peaking up on any satellite.  You have obviously found a satellite.  Other satellites will be in a sloping line from upper left to lower right (south west).

The Horizon meter will only lock up (and say "Satellite found") if it has been programmed with a carrier on the wanted satellite, on the wanted polarisation and with the wanted LNB, and the wanted carrier must be actually still be active on the satellite now.

Your LNB NJR2784 LNB has a local oscillator frequency of 10000 MHz and is intended for receiving satellite carriers in the range 10950 - 11700 MHz. Your modem tuning will be in the range 950 - 1700 MHz.
Your modem should have been tuned by typing in a configuration line.  For example (*this is not for you to use):
savebootparms -pop 0x011e0001 -c 0x530 -pcr 0x365 -f 1554410 -s 27500000 -o 1 -t 20
Have you typed it in exactly correctly ?. Note the frequency -f and symbol rate -s.

Once this has been done the modem will lock to the wanted carrier, displaying slow then fast flashing green.

Once you see the flashing green peak up exactly, then power off everything and connect up the BUC cable.  Call the hub and it should work.

Best regards, Eric.
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