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Poor performance in Afghanistan

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May 18th, 2009 at 9:29am  
Hi all,

I have recently implemented Bentley Walkers HX50 product out in Afghanistan on 3 sites. Since then, we have experienced nothing but trouble with the service. We are seeing very poor performance with very long ping times and very limited bandwidth.

We are aware of 1 other customer experiencing the same issue so think it is unlikely to be a localised problem.

The satellite is SESAT2 on 53E. As far as we know, the dish allignment is OK (92-93% signal) and the modem configuration is correct (checked by BW).

Initally we were told there were some problems with the platform (getting the modems to initially configure was a challenge in itself) and now BW are suggesting it is a local interference problem (microwave) although the fact the other customer (several miles away) is seeing the same problem does seem to rule this out.

Is anyone else seeing this issue, and what steps, if any, were you able to take to resolve this?

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Reply #1 - May 21st, 2009 at 9:19pm  
Dear Eric

You have one site in Iraq that has a stable signal but the complaint was a bit slow . having explained the GOS to the user there and the fact its not a dedicated package but shared we have proposed a larger CIR package as I quote your user himself says "we run a large operation here" anyhow we are in touch with him and may arrange a demo of CIR

Regarding your sites in Afghan you are getting SQF fluctuation between 92 and 45 , probably would be  more productive if you asked the forum how many HX50 users on Sesat get stable signal and who gets the same as you ? We sent you screen shots to evidence the signal fluctuation so Greg if your listening (USN Retired ) apart from wobbly dish or loose cables which I dont think is the case what would you suspect ?

We have arranged to move you to W6 but I think you will find vast majority of BW users get stable signal and reasonable performance albeit in this iindustry users expecations by Satellite are never in line with the costs of Satellite Bandwidth which we make no pretence over is not cheap !

I hope that we will solve this issue which I am sure is not related to our Outbound SqF which is constantly monitored by Eutelsat CCF from their Ground station in Dubai .  
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