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Linkstar Modem MAC

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Jun 4th, 2009 at 2:15pm  

How can I change the ethernet address in linkstar modem

if mac is .....03.4c.32
I need to to now be ...03.13.0a

I need the command and strings

I bought a used modem
I cant get it up and running because the last user owes provider. which is the same provider I am also using.

I dont what to change the my provider

Best regards

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Reply #1 - Jun 4th, 2009 at 2:31pm  
You can't change the MAC address of the network interface on the modem.  Each modem has a hardcoded unique fixed NI MAC address.

You only need the MAC address to calculate the initial configuration IP address, while you type in the configuration string and point the dish.

Once commissioned the operational IP address and subnet mask will change to whatever the hub has allocated.  Talk to the hub.

If there is a problem with payments by the previous user then be aware that ownership of the modem may still be with the service provider.  If the service provider refuses to allow it into use that is up to them.

Don't buy stolen modems or ones that are not yet wholly owned by the seller (i.e. still under initial lease contract period).  Beware of modems that have been sent out as part of a special price package involving modem plus 12 or 24 months subscriptions. Such modems are often locked to a service provider and ownership of the modem does not pass to the customer until the minimum contract period is paid for.

Best regards, Eric.
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