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need help on jobs

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Jun 20th, 2009 at 7:16am  
hey everyone. im pretty new to this forum, and need some help on satcom jobs (sort of).
im currently going to school at MTI (Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, South Dakota), and im taking the satcom course. its a 2 year course, and MTI helps you (as best as they can) to find you a job after graduating.
most of the graduates from MTI go to intelsat, but i dont think this will be the best option for me.
i would like to travel the world, and maybe live in a different country. or i would like to at least live on the west coast (northern cali, oregon, washington), but I don't think there are a lot of satcom jobs in that area.
if i could live in a different country i would like to live in japan or south korea, but i cant find anything on the internet about people living in japan being a satcom technician.
i will be graduating from mitchell tech around 2011. also, i might go back the third year and get a degree in telecommunications. since the first year of satcom and telecom studying are very similiar, all i would have to do is go back a 3rd year and get a telecom degree. 2 degrees in three years, doesnt sound bad.
whew, sorry for the long message, but i need some help. any info/advice is greatly appreciated.
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