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Securing MAC addresses

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Jul 10th, 2009 at 12:28am  
Dear guys
I am totally new for IT business, so thanks for your patient!

I recently purchased an internet café and there were many problems that I am trying to solve with your help.

As background info, the Café have an iDirect 3000 modem, 3Com access point and using Micro Tik software. 

The first problem that I need to solve urgently, I discovered that some external users hijacked on my clients MAC addresses, and prevent my clients to log in to the access point. How I can prevent such behavior? Iam using WinBox v2.9.27 to access remotely my server. The hotspot on WinBox can diagnose which MAC address being hijacked and the only step I can take is to disconnect that user and asking my client to login immediately before the hijacker.

The second point, how I can increase the strength of transmission between my access point and clients? Any general advices or tips are welcome.

Iam looking to get help from your experience to develop my services but let start with above tow points as I need to figure them quickly. 

Best regards
Dr Hasanain Nassrullah
Basrah, Iraq

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