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peaking basics for Dish 500 DP plus,single coax

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Jul 20th, 2009 at 10:26pm  
Tell me if this right for using the satellite finder... I take off the plastice cover with 2 screws. I have to power the meter so I must take off the only coax in there
and connect that to the reciever port on the meter. Then I put a small jumper
to port 1,(or 2 ?) and connect that to LNB port on the meter. Then I must put
the cover back on or what?? This is NOT made clear by any instructions by Sadoum or other..
In the future I would rather have an easy way to splice into the coax without taking the LNB cover off. What would work? and is it desirable to put a break in the coax BEFORE it gets to the receiver? I dont have a ground on so maybe I
could get that going also with some arrangement..? how about some specifics and pics if possible.  thanks.
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Jul 21st, 2009 at 9:19am  
Cheap meters normally have two coax conections, one for the LNB and one for the receiver.
When in use, the receiver provides DC power (and 22kHz tone) to the LNB via the meter.  

The meter may incorporate a small amplifier for the meter scale and audio indication; if so the power for this circuitry is abstracted from the main DC supply from the receiver to the LNB.

Expensive meters may incorporate their own rechargeable battery power supply, in which case the main indoor receiver is not required and antenna pointing may be done with the antenna, LNB and meter only.  The meter battery power provides the LNB with +19 or +13 volts and switchable 22kHz tone.
If you need advice on Satellite TV, multi feed, dual, twin, quad LNBs and TV distribution switches, splitters etc  then a satellite TV forum might be better.

Best regards, Eric.
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