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w2A satellite

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Oct 17th, 2009 at 1:40pm  
Hi sir ,
Could you please provide the detailed information about the link stability of installing  links for  W2A satellite in afghanistan ,

will that links will be stable ... by considering weather problems ... our HUB will be from Germany ..

will W2A links are more stable than NSS 703 and Seasat-2

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Oct 17th, 2009 at 3:31pm  
Link stability is related to the beam elevation angles.  Note that both ends of the link (i.e your site to the satellite, and the teleport to the satellite) must be considered.

At Ku band, the minimum recommended elevation angle is 10 deg.  Below this angle rain noise and rain attenuation degrade the wanted signal for significant amounts of time. There is also a problem with scintillation which involves the signal going up and down in level due to refractive effects in the lower layers of the atmosphere. It is the same phenomena that causes stars to twinkle near the horizon.  The problem may occur continuously for many hours.

EU-W2A at 10 deg east orbit: 32 deg elev Germany  17 deg elev Kabul and lower to the east towards Pakistan
SESAT2 at 53 deg east orbit: 19 deg elev Germany  46 deg elev Kabul
NSS703 at 57 deg east orbit: 17 deg elev Germany  48 deg elev Kabul

SESAT2 is somewhat preferred as this avoids the two low 17 deg paths in above table.

Check the actual angles for your possible sites in the Afghanistan region and also the actual teleport in Europe

Note that low elevation angles in Afghanistan region cause problems with mountains.  In Europe the further south east the teleport the better, e.g. Germany > Austria > Italy > Cyprus. See Satellite dish pointing Afghanistan.

Think about any possible movement of your site.

Best regards, Eric.
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