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Hughes ISBN Hub HW and DPCEE (DMN) Hub HW for Sale

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Nov 24th, 2009 at 12:40pm  
1) SYSDIST-230V                         System IF Distribution 230V                        2 off
2) NETDIST-230V                         Network IF Distribution 230V                        2 off
3) IFEXP-RKCE-220V                    Inroute BCD Expansion Rack 4 Chas             1 off
4) BCDCE                                    Inroute BCD for all modulations           27 off
5) SLIM-ETHERNET                      Super LIM – Ethernet                  5 off
6) 7220-1100-DPC1                       Data port Cluster (with 4 Line interfaces RS232)      3 off
7) MIB-GATEWAY-CESPR            MIB Gateway – CE approved                    2 off
8 ) NCC2-UNIV                              NCC2                    3 off
9) 4046 BPSK/QPSK MODEM      Hughes 4046 BPSK/QPSK Modem                      3 off

1) DPCEE-P2SATGAT                  Satelite GW (DVB-S)                                   2 off
2) DPCEE-P2CACSERV               CAC  offServer                 2 off
3) DPCEE-P3IP-2WAYDAT           IP Gateway 1:1 redundant                       2 off
4) DPCEE-P2QMPCMON              QMPC Monitor                           1 off
5) Radyne Modulator                     Radyne ComStream DVB 3030 Modulator       2 off

Although we have offered only part of ISBN and DMN system. We can also offer whole system as working VSAT HUB

-          All equipment is in good condition. DirecWay system was switched off from online status a 1 month ago and ISBN system will be switched off in next few days.

-          DMN system was build as BB system with standard DVB-S speeds capabilities. It is designed for DW1000 series VSAT terminals. Whole system is 1:1 redundant with 1 pair of IPGW, 1 pair of SATGW, 1 pair of CAC servers and accessories (Vision NMS, MGW, SDL etc.). It is 2 rack solution. We can also provide DW 1000 VSAT terminals.

-          ISBN system is occupied with 1:1 O/R modems, 1:1 NCC2, 28 x BCDs CE, 5 x SLIMs, 3 x RS232 DPCs and Illuminet SCP. The system is still in operation (not switched off yet) so if you are interested in his functionality you can visit our teleport in Brno and take a look. It is 3 rack solution. We can also provide PES 5000 VSAT terminals.

-          There are also some spare parts for both systems available.  

technical issue: Mr. Radek Ondras,
business issue: Ms. Anezka Mozna,

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