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Sticky: Unlocking iDirect Modems

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Dec 15th, 2009 at 6:45pm  
My customer is having a bad relation with its actual provider who have locked his modems on his network.
The customer wants to leave him but his modems have been locked.

Is somebody aware of unlock procedure for Idirect 3100 modems Narrow Bandwidth ?

It is urgent

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Reply #1 - Dec 16th, 2009 at 7:26pm  
This question has been answered many times on this forum, perhaps it should be a sticky Smiley
So to answer:
The network operator can lock modems to their network to avoid situations where clients take modems still in contract and move on to a cheaper/other provider without settling the outstanding balance.
There are two parties that can unlock the modem, the party that locked it in the first place and iDirect. Note newer SW versions even iDirect cannot issue these one time unlock codes they have altered the feature and it now requires a full RMA.
Now, if your customer is having issues with the service provider I am assuming they (the service provider) have reason not to unlock the modem.
Your client may contact iDirect and request an unlock code, they in turn will ask the client to provide the serial number/model type, iDirect will then verify the ownership of the modem.  iDirect must have written permission from the registered owner of the modem, and I mean the owner registered with iDirect as having purchased the modem.  iDirect will not issue an unlock code to individuals who are having issues with service providers without this permission from the registered owner.
So, as I always state, it is crucial any issues are resolved between the client and their service provider, if there is an issue, iDirect will not get in the middle, please remember the service provider/reseller is iDirect's client......
There are frequently people answering this question telling the OP to downgrade the modem to a version before locking was introduced, this is a short term fix that limits the capabilities of the modem to VERY old software, it also places you in a precarious position, if the system you downgrade to is upgraded, bye bye modem!!!!
Also if anyone replies telling you to open the modem and do anything to the cct board, they are being either malicious or irresponsible, this will likely render the unit useless (read - expensive paper weight)
Sorry it is always the same answer, talk to the service provider and try to resolve.  not much help, but iDirect have really tightened up on this feature to provide insurances to their client base, it can be abused I suppose by service providers, but that is their responsibility, and although unfair, it would be well outside of iDirect's responsibility to get involved.
That's what I have found at least......any contradictory points of view very welcome, but I have found the above to be accurate.
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Reply #2 - Jan 12th, 2010 at 10:02pm  
Dear alphasys,
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Reply #3 - Jun 13th, 2012 at 11:33pm  
Nothing to add on your post Scout
Customer need to respect the roles and contracts. In no circumstance iDirect will get involved in this situation, please sort it out with service provider.
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