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iDirect 3000 series for sale and x3 evolution

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Dec 15th, 2009 at 9:17pm  
i have the various equipment in stock,

new 1.2m antenna, new and used 1.8m antenna, new and used 2.4m antenna, used 3.8m antenna, new 4watt kuband buc, new and used 3watt kuband buc, new and used 2watt cband buc, new 5watt cband buc, pll lnb for ku and cband, dro ku band, cband lnb, iDirect 3000 series, link star s2 modem.etc

and i have a good service on both ku and c band on iDirect modem 3000 series and x3 evolution series

for more information
or call 08038547600 or 07040496196  
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Reply #1 - Dec 16th, 2009 at 2:34pm  
Please use proper english words and grammar and no SMS texting type language.

"4sales" should read "for sale".  Even if there are multiple items for sale, the verb sale is not written in plural with an "s".   The noun "sales" in plural, is appropriate in the context of, for example, "New Year Sales".

Please start sentences with a capital letter.  Put a space after a comma.

Thanks, it saves me a lot of time editing, which I have done in the past.

I am sympathetic to people for whom english is a second language but such people, when readers, will benefit by seeing correct english, spelling and grammar.  It makes it easier to understand.

Also, good contributions are less likely to be deleted as spam ....

Please try to get these right:
dB, dBm, Hz,  kHz,  MHz,  GHz,  iDirect,  Eb/No,  L band, C band, Ku band, Ka band, 1.8m, 2W.

Best regards, Eric.

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