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Tooway KU Install close to Antiguera (Malaga) ES

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Jan 20th, 2010 at 10:03pm  
Tooway KU modem + Channel Master 120 cm dish.

A Tooway Ku install close to Antiquera (Malaga, Spain).

The Channel Master 120 cm dish, Ku buc and Ku lnb are from a previous installation with a Linkstar modem,
this was not in use anymore because client finally got an alternative broadband connection.

ps. It is NOT always (22-12-2009) sunny in Spain !

The pole is mounted on a chimney with bolts that go through the stones with a plate on the inside
to ensure proper holding.

... added by forum admin ...
In the lower image, note the clear view of one of the pair of rear side struts which stop the side rims of the dish being pulled forward (distorted) by the weight of the Ku LNB/BUC/feed assembly.
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