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VNO and Rlock

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Feb 20th, 2010 at 4:14pm  

Can VNO enforce rlock in the network? If yes where in iBuilder this can be done? Or you need to hub operator to do that?

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Reply #1 - Feb 23rd, 2010 at 9:23pm  
the answer is it depends......
The relationship and agreement between the VNO and HNO is the key, the VNO offering from iDirect is extremely flexible, it allows the HNO to have as little or as much control and obviously the VNO to have as much or as little freedom as they can negotiate.  There are VNO options from certain HNO providers that simply have the full control capability for the whole system, there are also VNOs who have only the ability to add remotes, even then the HNO can set control limitations.
The remote lock function is set in two locations, the remote itself gets locked with a password and network key, this network key must match the network key configured at the network level in iBuilder.  so if the VNO has full configuration at that level, then there is no reason why a VNO cannot rlock a modem, if the VNO is more restricted, they will not be able to rlock a modem.  please be sure and take care when looking at rlock.
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