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How to download Windows Update for multiple PCs ?

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Eric Johnston
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Jun 30th, 2010 at 12:07pm  
If you have several PCs in your LAN it makes sense to download Microsoft Windows Updates once only and save locally on a CD or DVD and then run the updates on each local PC without causing further download traffic via the satellite.

I have not done this, but I would be pleased to hear from people who do this telling us how to do it.

Best regards Eric.
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Kentucky (USA)
Reply #1 - Jun 30th, 2010 at 12:53pm  
Because of the throughput restrictions (FAP), I do this regularly. It's especially important in the case of large updates like service packs. To put this in perspective, my plan permits a daily throughput of 425MB. The 32 bit Vista/SP2 by contrast, is now a 487MB file. Multiply that by the number of machines in the household or business running VISTA. Here it is by the way:

I generally save files like this - most files over 50MB actually - for reuse and/or multiple installations. They're not always easy to find though. Microsoft for example, used to make it simple by terming them "redistributable". But now some of them are "network" or "networkable", and others are "standalone". If the download site has a search function, I qualify the file name with one of those keywords. Here for example, is a list of  "redistributable" available from Microsoft: You'll get a different list with "network" and yet a different one with "standalone". You just have to keep refining the search till you trip over the one you're looking for.


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Reply #2 - Aug 3rd, 2011 at 5:38pm  
ninite is a great software that allows you to install multiple programs in one installation, they have advanced options too for business owners who need to install multiple programs on multiple systems. Give it a shot. The personal version is free, but the enterprise version is not.
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