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how can i reset x3 idirect to factory default

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Lagos, Nigeria
Jul 22nd, 2010 at 1:14pm  
hello sir,
i have an idirect x3 modem which was loaded a corrupt option file that is making the modem to come up RED. i can't telnet inside it but i can only log into it tru hyper terminal. how can i reset it to factory default or format it.
assistance needed.
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Reply #1 - Jul 23rd, 2010 at 6:21pm  

You need the following:

1- Console cable (RJ-45 to DB-9)
2- X3 Evo packages (Linux and Evo)
3- Good working option file
4- iDirect infinity recovery procedure which you can find it below.

In the infinity recovery procedure most if the commands works for both except commands like <ip address> remote-8_0_upgrade_prep.pkg

For X3 you will use: <ip address> <package file name.pkg>

In the iDirect infinity recovery procedure pdf document ignore:

- Procedure 4b. Reloading Image Software Package Remotely

and ignore

- Procedure 5b. Loading an Options Files Remotely

You can download the packages and iSite from our website: - file gone - 404 error -

After you download extract the iSite folder and this folder only:


then you will find three files you will need:


the evo_x5_rmt- is for iDirect X5 modems so ignore it.

Download idirect Infinity recovery procedure from:
file - Recovering_iNFINITI_Remotes_LCs71.pdf  gone - 404 error -

Download iDirect X3 recovery procedure from:
file - X3_Remotes_Recovery_Procedure.pdf  gone - 404 error -

Please make sure the iSite software and packages you are going to load it is suitable for your modem.

Also you can get the packages from your provider contact them to supply you with the correct versions of the evo, linux packages and a good working option file.

I highly recommend to contact your ISP provider noc and let them confirm every step before you press "ENTER"

It's very simple procedure don't worry it takes 10 min to completely recovery it. Smiley

Best Regards

Ahmed Musa
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Reply #2 - Jun 15th, 2011 at 7:59pm  
Dear Ahmed,

I too need your assistance in bringing back to life my modem which has the status light red and the other lights orange and the modem keeps on rebooting after some time.

From your instructions, I am unable to access the second pdf file.

Please help

Malachy Ekal
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Reply #3 - Jun 15th, 2011 at 10:01pm  
iDirecy X3 Remotes Recovery Procedure

This may be the same file:

Download link updated 12 April 2021:


If you download this file keep it carefully as links like this tend to change.

Best regards Eric
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