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Digital film distribution via Satellite (IS-905).

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Dec 9th, 2010 at 9:28pm  
An installation at a cinema complex in Malta.

This installation shows another aspect of our work. This satellite system is used for distribution of digital films or any other digital content (e.g. Opera, Sport events, Live Concerts) to cinemas or public (outdoor or indoor) events using digital projectors.

Channel master 120 cm dish and lnb. The npm is fixed with bolts on a concrete roof.

Delivery of a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to a cinema replaces expensive duplication and distribution of films. Opera, concerts etc. can be streamed live to any location.


More and more cinemas are now using digital projectors and films are distributed in digital format. In front of this projector a unit is placed creating the 3D picture. For film distribution companies this method of distribution is a big advantage: with one push of a button a whole film can be sent to hundreds of cinemas simultaneously.


The satellite receiver is a Superflex Duo DVB-S/DVB-S2 receiver and the router is a Cisco VPN router. The system is managed and controlled from the satellite operator and is a one-way system (only receiving data). The system is finally mounted in a 19 rack including a UPS. There is a local server connected to the receiver to store the content.

Info about the receiver, click here and click here

This particular installation was carried out at a cinema located in Malta and the digital content is provided by a company located in UK.


Dish is pointed to Intelsat 905, 24,5 West. Lnb is an ASC Signal RS1F30x Ku-band VSAT PLL lnb.


Coax cable (RG11) distribution, 75 meters of cable.
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