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SatManage NOC software for iDirect networks

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Feb 19th, 2011 at 4:42pm  
iDirect SatManage is a set of Web-based software tools that automate, monitor and assist with Network Operating Center (NOC) activities.

With monitoring and diagnostic features, SatManage delivers an in-depth view into every aspect of the network’s quality performance.

iDirect NOC operators can rapidly identify problem areas and initiate automated trouble-shooting and fault-management activities to solve network performance issues in real-time.

SatManage enables service providers to offer differentiated services such as automated SLA reporting, performance statistics and optimized network
implementations to their customers. Service providers can provide their customers with customized reports and share network management tools
through a Web-based portal.

SatManage is good for large-scale, complex networks that span thousands of remote sites through intuitive network trouble shooting, intelligent network trouble shooting, intelligent alarm processing.

You can see a video and download brochures about SatManage here:

There don't seem to be many operators using SatManage yet.  I am aware that Bentley Walker have it to help their iDirect network customers. Is anyone else using it ?  Any feedback or experiences ?
Best Regards. Eric
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Saif Musa

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Reply #1 - Feb 22nd, 2011 at 9:35am  
thanks eric for This valuable information...I will try to find out satmange it seems to be helpfull.
I didnt know about it
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