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Problem with VSAT connection

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Feb 23rd, 2011 at 2:25pm  
Hi all,

We recently installed a 1.2 metre Hughes VSAT terminal with the ISP being Bentley Walker. We have a Hughes HX50 modem. We have quite high latency figures (1000 - 3000 ms). Our average download speed is around 500 Kbps.

We have around 15 computers in the network. Our main problem is that some of our computers have got very good browsing speed while a few of them has great problems in accessing any pages.

Now is it possible that this problem is due to the high latency value of our internet signal or is it due to some problem in the network?

Please help.


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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Feb 23rd, 2011 at 5:44pm  
Regarding some PCs in your network having good access and others having great problems:
1. Have all the PCs the same "auto" DNS configuration ?
2. If you have a switch to connect up all your PCs, does the HX modem have a subnet mask with at least 15 available IP addresses for connected devices? A subnet mask ending in .240 will only allow 13 PCs to be connected. Ask BW for a larger mask, .224 will allow 29 devices, or use a local router to create your own LAN address range. See If you have a local router then you can have as many PCs as you want, and you only need one connection to the HX modem.
3. For 15 PCs BW may be able to open a second port on the HX, allowing you to have two routers or switches and two LANs.

Regarding speed generally:
1. Try to get all your PCs loaded with the Bentley Walker Turbo software, which can dramatically speed up text and image file transfers.
2. With so many PCs, arrange for all software updating and new software package downloads etc to be done in the middle of the night. Keep track of total useage and make good use of your traffic quota amounts. If you exceed a quota you will be slowed for a while.
3. Make sure all PCs have local caching enabled.
4. Avoid viruses that send out vast numbers of emails.
Best regards, Eric.
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