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Two way Satellite Internet kit for sale

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Mar 15th, 2011 at 12:44am  
I have a ex Beyondsl / Astra2Connect 79cm dish, interactive ilnb, Newtec modem, additional filtered tv lnb and accessory clamp for Astra satellite and portable tripod stand for sale.  The equipment is not under contract and can be used with any provider however there is still paid subscription to IPCopter that is still valid until mid September.  The subscription is a traveller plan 1M down, 256kb upload speed, unlimited download subject to FUP.  The equipment replacement  cost with a contract is around 400 pounds and the remaining subscription value is around 250 pounds.  The footprint covers all Europe, Turkey, and far northern Africa.  see footprint for Hellas Sat 2
details of the IPcopter service
If you want to change providers to Beyondsl their details are:
I will be in the London area in April and am looking for 300 pounds.
Just for further info:
I have travelled from Scotland to Portugal to Poland to Hungary using the Astra 1E system above and found the system fantastic with a very leanient FUP and also used VOIP with a standard telephone.  It was easy to find the satellite and worked well.  Phone had high latency as expected with satellite.
I used the above system on IPcopter Hellas sat 2 from Hungary to Turkey to Greece across to Sicily and now up France and on my way to Ireland.  I have found the satellite harder to find and the FUP much more restrictive.  My standard telephone voip adapter didn't work either however they did try and send me one that they promised would work but it got lost in the mail.  Skype works fine and I have got a skype phone number instead ok.  It is not as good as Astra and a bit dearer however it covers areas that Astra doesn't.
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Reply #1 - Mar 17th, 2011 at 9:22pm  
I also have a Digital Satellite Finder Meter for sale.
Details see
I bought it when I was going to use the Tooway system instead of IP Copter.  In the end I didn't need it as I was able to use my existing system which has the inbuilt finder.  I paid around 400Euro and am looking for £150.

If you have always wanted a professional satellite finder meter but didn't want to pay the "BIG BUCKS", this is the meter for you.  First Strike Meters are made for the professional but are easy for the Novice to understand and use.  No more searching through complicated menus to find the setting you need to change.  All required parameters show on one screen making it easy for the user to modify any setting.  

Don't let the price fool you, the FS1 First Strike Meters satellite finder meter will give you all the signal measurements that you need to install or re-align your satellite dish at a price you can afford.

FS1 boots up fast (less than 2 seconds) then quickly and easily finds even weak signals.  Unlike the competitors meters, you can do a slow sweep of the dish to find the signal.  

Uses the same type display screen as cell phones so it can be read in direct sunlight.  Display screen has a switchable back light so your meter can be used in low light conditions.

FS1 has a Global Data Bank that holds all the satellites in a separate data bank.  The meter also has a User Defined Data Bank that stores 100 satellites.  Entries in the Global Data Bank can be copied to the User Defined Data Bank and then easily edited to fit your needs.  The user can define new entries from the keypad.  

Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.

Rechargeable Li-on battery lasts approximately 3.5 hours on a full charge.  If the battery runs low during use, you can loop the satellite receiver through the meter and power the meter from the satellite receiver power supply.  Meter housing has a battery door for easy access and replacement of the battery.  

Universal charger operates on 120vac/60Hz or 220vac/50Hz making it usable anywhere.  Easy change power plug.

* sat meter image inserted by forum admin.
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