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Probecom 11M Earth Station Antennas

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Mar 25th, 2011 at 7:03am  
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Probecom 11M Earth Station Antennas

Intelsat approved antenna&Customized satellite antenna manufacterur
Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements
High G/T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
Thermal Spaying Zinc Steel Ground Mount Assembly
C-band Antenna Operating in 800MHz Bandwidth Option
2-port, 3-port or 4-port Linear/Circular Feed
Field Changeable Feed System, Switchable Circular to Linear C-band
Antenna Az 0-360deg Continuous Pointing Range

11m C/Ku Band Earth Station Antenna specification
Operating Frequency, GHz
C-Band:Rx(3.625-4.2) Tx(5.85-6.425)
Ku-Band:Rx(10.95-12.75) Tx(14.0-14.5)
Polarization: Linear/ Circular
Radiation Pattern:First Sidelobe less than -14, Meet ITU-RS.580-5 and other requirements

Azimuth 60 (Continuous)
Elevation 0-90(Continuous)
Polarization 180(Continuous)
Finishes Reflector Surface Pedestal & Back Structure Aluminum panels with high-diffusing white paintThermal Spraying Zinc

Operational Wind 72km/h Gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature - 40C - + 60C
Relative Humidity 100%
Solar Radiation 1135Kcal/ h/ m2
Seismic (Survival) 0.3g (H), 0.15g (V)
**Details information**
please get the details information from http://www.probecom.cn

Company: Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd.
Add:Keji Road, Jinqiao international plaza, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
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