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Satellite Communications BS Degrees

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Apr 26th, 2011 at 11:55pm  
Hi I've been doing some searching for a college that offers a degree program that is satellite communications related, but there seems to be very few in the US that I have found so far.  

I guess my question is, with 2 years of active duty military experience as a satcom specialists, what kind of degree program should I be looking for to further my education and better my chances at getting a CONUS civilian job as a satellite communications tech?  I still have 4 years of reserve years which will offer the oppurtunity for more military funded schooling, but that won't get me a bachelors degree.

Naturally with the two systems I work with, I am very good with the systems, however I am a little rusty at the theory.  I continue to study these two systems to learn them inside and out, but when its all said and done, I'm afraid I will only understand the systems and not satellite communications as a whole.

So maybe the true question is, is a degree required to get a good job in the satellite communications field without being an overseas contractor?  If so, what kind of degree is preferred or accepted?  I'm not sure what the average salary is for someone in this field, but with the kind of knowledge required for this field I would assume a highly above average salary.

I am currently overseas for several months and I would love to further my education with online schooling or any type of creditted education.  

Please reply, thanks!
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