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Sat TV, Dish TV, D2H TV ; Sat Internet Diffs

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Apr 30th, 2011 at 4:33pm  
I am new to this Forum, and also to Satellites.

I would appreciate if someone could educate me on the foll basic queries :

I would like to know the essential diff betn :
Satellite TV
Dish TV
Direct to Home TV

1) I thought that all 3 above TV Broadcasts were the same ; but I would like to know the main / unique diffs betn the 3 cases above.
Further, is there any diff betn the above 3 cases, when it comes to HD TV and 3D-HD TV Broadcast ?

2) In this website, I have seen mention of Satellite Internet for Broadband.
Currently, I have a BB Connection on my Phone Line using a Data Splitter.
In the case of Sat Internet, which authority sends the BB Bills ?

3) If we already have a Dish Antenna, LNB, DVR / STB etc connected to a TV, can we also opt for Satellite Internet using the same Dish and a spare output from the same LNB to the PC or the Wireless Router ?
If technically yes, then, what is the intermediate device between the LNB Output cable and the PC or the Wireless Router ?

4) Further, if one is using the Dish Antenna only for viewing Free FTA Channels (ie, not subscribed to any D2H TV Channels Provider), can he also get “Free” Sat Internet ! ? I know that this is probably not possible, but I would like to have some explanation / some analysis.


Would appreciate expert point-wise replies.

Thanks in advance.


Pl also see my Posting on :
“Dish, LNB, DVR/STB, Signal Meter, Compass etc”
“On Satellites and Transponders”

I separated the queries into 3 separate Thread Titles, so that there will be less Overlap between these sets of queries.

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Reply #1 - Apr 30th, 2011 at 5:23pm  
1. that's a question for the satellite TV providers in your part of the world
2. not too many "all in one" solutions anymore. Typically you'd have one dish for sat TV service, another for sat internet service. Two separate billings most likely
3. no
4. no such thing as "free satellite internet"

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