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1.2m flyaway antenna maintenance

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May 17th, 2011 at 3:50am  
Flyaway antenna plays a very important part in satellite communication. More information about flyaway antenna, please visit The antenna works outdoors. Because of the bad eternal environment, the natural environment in using area is fully taken into consideration at the beginning of design. During use, there is need for regular maintenance and maintenance test to improve service life and communication reliability of antenna. When you use flyaway antenna, please visit
We (Antesky Inc.) summarize many years experience of production and maintenance of Flyaway antenna and combined with the feedback of many customers from all over the world to create the daily inspection manual. More information about Antesky’s flyaway antenna, please visit Meanwhile we also summarize some notices of flyaway antenna in usage process.
Check portable antenna structure system totally at regular intervals to ensure that the equipment operates safely and reliably. The equipment is checked under shut-down state.
(1)         Watch if equipment appearance, including antenna reflector, feed, LNB, duplexer, etc., is complete, and if the connector is compact. More information about the flyaway antenna feed system, please visit
(2)         Watch if there is any breakage on sealing membrane of corrugated horn's opening. If damaged, it should be renewed in time to prevent feed from inflowing.
(3)         Oil feed strut and the connecting hole of feed system at regular intervals
(4)          Have loop back test at regular intervals to test the unit performance of the feed
(5)         Please hit the nail when using the antenna in windy weather, or put pressure on azimuth disc with heavy object. And special person must aware Flyaway antenna constantly to prevent the antenna from blowing out.
Without the permission of Antesky Inc. Any individual or group is not allowed to cite or release this article.
This article provided by the Antesky Inc.
Antesky Science Technology Inc. is specially engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing satellite communication antennas and relevant servo equipments. We can offer a complete line of earth station antenna products and systems, such as Satellite communication antennas, Earth Station Antenna, Vsat antenna,TV receive only antennas, satellite news gathering Antennas, Flyaway antenna, control system and tracking system.
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