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Wireless Long Range P2P and P2MP

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Jun 8th, 2011 at 2:06pm  
High Performance Radio
High net throughput up to 240 Mbps
Best latency 1ms typical
Long range up to 130 Km
Configurable channel bandwidth 5/10/20/40 MHz
Dynamic or symmetric up/downstream throughput
128-bit AES encryption & MAC level authentication

RF & Interference Robustness
AIS (Automatic Interference Sensibility) unique algorithm that makes Synapse the most
stable wireless solution in the market
Time Synchronization eliminates self interference and allows frequency reuse
ACS Automatic Channel Selection
ACM Adaptive Coding & Modulation
DFS Dynamic Frequency Selection
ATPC Automatic Transmit Power Control
FEC Forward Error Correction
Fast ARQ Automatic Retransmit request

Advanced Networking
Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint modes
WEB, EMS, SNMP and Telnet management
QoS based on 802.1q & 802.1p
VLAN tagging/stripping
Up/downstream bandwidth control
Packet filtering based on broadcast & VLAN
Over the air remote management

Typical Applications
IP data backhaul for Cellular, WiMAX & LTE
Backbone for Metro WiFi Networks
Video surveillance in HLS and safe-city
Multiple backhaul solutions
Rural/Suburban or remote Locations
High bandwidth campus solutions
Temporary & Emergency systems

Models available
Synapse i20 (20Mbps)      Each Set 2 Units = 2500 USD
Synapse i40 (40Mbps)      Each Set 2 Units = 6000 USD
Synapse i120 (120Mbps)  Each Set 2 Units = 8000 USD
Synapse i240 (240Mbps)  Each Set 2 Units = 10000 USD

We have installed many systems in Iraq with very good response from customers.

Please do not hesitate to send us quotes if your interested in these products.

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