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HX50 - service dropped, TX code 13

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Jul 17th, 2011 at 10:54am  
Here's an odd one.  Last night at 2230, our WAN dropped.  WIFI was still broadcast, and I could access the HX50 via WIFI, so I rebooted it, still nothing.  Physically, absolutely nothing has changed.  

Forced a range, got an error 13.  Restarted and contacted Tech Support.

Right now the Modem is
G300NH is
Subnet is

Was working fine for the last couple of weeks, with the exception that the WIFI would drop out at wierd times.  Doing anything within the router console would bring WIFI back up.

Odd thing is that I can connect wirelessly through a Buffalo G300NH, but when connected directly to the HX50, through LAN1 or LAN2, I cannot get into the management console.  Any ideas?
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Reply #1 - Jul 17th, 2011 at 12:28pm  
Let's start with the TX13:
According to Hughes, "This condition can indicate any of the following:
The NOC is not receiving ranging information from the transmitter. This may indicate a transmit problem at the NOC. This should get cleared in a few minutes.
This condition can also be caused by bad weather at your NOC/hub (your signal is not getting to them on their downlink)

The transmitter is unable to achieve enough transmit power to send ranging information to the NOC. Make sure that the power supply is correct.
An overheated but still operational power supply may provide sufficiently reduced input power levels to the transmitter, resulting in a TX13. If it's stuck away in a drawer or exposed to excess heat, move it to a more well ventilated area. There are also power adapters of various capacities (which are based upon the type ODU). Check which on you have, I believe your setup should have a minimum 64 watt unit.

The transmitter is sending incorrect timing data because the wrong zip code or latitude/longitude information was entered during installation.
unlikely, but make sure nothing has changed your geoloco in the modem GUI

The outdoor transmitter unit (ODU) is not operating properly or is not properly connected to the ITU. Please ensure that the transmit cable is securely fastened to the Transmit Unit."

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Reply #2 - Jul 17th, 2011 at 1:33pm  
Check check and check!  power unit seems fine, warm but not hot, in an AC closet.

Got access to the modem, a couple of resets while hard wired and bam.

Still TX13 error.  Checked the configs... any chance the BUC can just die?  

Also, I don't think it'd be an issue, the power block is plugged into an 8 port 110V power strip... I wouldn't think there would be a voltage issue since it's been working for weeks.

Anyhoo, this post is dead since the issue of accessing the HX50 over LAN was resolved. Not sure why it took a reset, much less three, but it's accessible.  Now to deal with the TX13 issue.
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Reply #3 - Jul 17th, 2011 at 3:08pm  
Good Afternoon Sir,

TX13 would most likely be down to an inaccurate GPS inputted into the modem via the VSAT Parameters. Can you confirm if this has been checked?

Can I also ask you to email with your results/screenshots so continue troubleshooting.

Sam - Bentley Walker Support
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Reply #4 - Jul 17th, 2011 at 7:27pm  
Like I said before, the config is fine.  It's been up for two weeks, and nothing was changed when the system went down.

We are at 34.23 north, 70.29 east


Parameter                                Value entered     Value in use

--------------------------------------   --------------    ------------

VSAT Return Path:                        Inroute           Inroute      

Satellite Longitude in degrees:          36                36            

Satellite Hemisphere:                    East              East         

VSAT Longitude in degrees:               70                70            

VSAT Longitude in minutes:               29                29            

VSAT Longitude Hemisphere:               East              East         

VSAT Latitude in degrees:                34                34            

VSAT Latitude in minutes:                23                23            

VSAT Latitude Hemisphere:                North             North         

Satellite Channel Frequency:             19588 (x 100Khz)  19588 (x 100Khz)

Receive Symbol Rate:                     10000000 Sps      10000000 Sps

Receive Polarization:                    Vertical          Vertical      

Transmit Polarization:                   Horizontal        Horizontal   

LNB 22KHz Switch:                        Off               Off          

DVB Mode:                                DVB-S2-ACM        DVB-S2-ACM   

Frequency Band / Modulation:             Ku / QPSK         Ku / QPSK    

DVB Program Num for User Data:           20500             20500         

DVB Program Num for DNCC Data:           40000             40000         

LAN1 IP Address:               

LAN1 Subnet Mask:              

LAN2 IP Address:                      

LAN2 Subnet Mask:                     

IP Gateway IP Address:         

SDL Control Channel Multicast Address:    

VSAT Management IP Address:    
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