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HX50 Modem Need Help in Iraq

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Ex Member

Jul 27th, 2011 at 12:35am  
Ok, first time at this one. The HX50 system I have through WAFA for Iraq has been commissioned and was working properly before we had to move it due to a work site relocation. I have swung tons of dishes in the past so this should be a piece of cake Wrong.  I set the EL to 34 deg using a paper inclometer as I have in the past. I boldly swing past Az 230 mag N. Looking for W3A 7E sat. No dice. The HX modem bar graph never leaves off of 15 the entire time. No my co-worker decided to move the modem before I got there by just unplugging it from the back I hope this hasnt messed up the modem. Any help would be great as I have said the dish was already commissioned so thats not my issue and I have checked the polarization its set at 45.5 clockwise rotation on a 3axis mount. I also leveled the mount base and ensure a good secure base structure.
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Jul 27th, 2011 at 8:21am  
A totally unchanging signal power reading of 15 suggests something is wrong in respect of the LNB or LNB cable.

Power off at the AC mains wall switch before doing any work on the coax cables.

Check the coax cables are not crossed over. Check the F connections at each end.  The centre pin wire should be bright and clean and stick out above the plug rim by 1mm.  The cable braid sheath should make good contact with the plug outer.  There should be no fragments of braid wire or sheath foil short circuiting the connection. The plugs should be screwed in using hand force only and the centre pin wire should actually go into the hole and not 'push back' the cable.

A well connected and functioning LNB will give readings that vary according to what the antenna is pointed at. A cold clear sky will give some minimum background reading.  Putting a wet rag over the feed horn window or pointing the beam at trees, or towards a heavy rain storm should cause a slight increase.  Pointing the beam at satellites will give readings, up to 29 for a very powerful satellite signal.  Pointing the beam at the sun will give 29.   Pointing the beam at the correct satellite, correct polarisation and with the correct carrier tuning config will make the modem lock to the wanted carrier and the signal quality reading will go up into the 90's.

Best regards, Eric.
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