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Issues with 7350

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Sep 15th, 2011 at 8:57pm  
We are having an issue with a 7350 running 7.1.2 on it with TRANSEC enabled. The orginal bandwidth we started with was 5M x 4.5M with internal acceleration turned on. The problem came up about 2 months after unit was put into operation. We run 3 different type services over the modem, two of the services are VPN back to HUB. The third service is not. When ever we push a email over the thrid service over 500k it crashes the network. We have been working with our ISP on the issue but have come into a stand off with them. So I am looking alse where for information.

We were told that we were over driving the CPU with the orginal bandwidth, was recommanded to drop RX to 3.5M and TX to 4M with internal acceleration turn off. We tried to do this but the network was so slow it was effecting the other services. So then we tried 5M RX and 2M TX. We are back at the same point as we were before.

We have change out the modem with a new 7350 out of the box install the 7.1.2 image. We had more problems with it. It would lock up about every 24 hour peroid, would not even let you telnet into it or log in via iSite and you have to reboot the modem to get service back on line. The leds show everthing was up and running, called HUB each time and they said they saw no errors and the link was fine. So after three days of this we switch back to the oridgnal modem.

With the oridgnal bandwidth setting our TX power was -31 to -32DB, RX SNR was 7.9 to 8.9. Now that we change to 5M RX and 2M TX our TX power is running at -35 to -36 with RX SNR at 9.6 to 10.3.

CPU load seems to very, on Tuesday it was running between 35% to 50% load with an average TX of 80K bits/sec with peaks of 180K bits/sec and the RX averager was 900K bits/sec and peak of 2500K bits/sec. On the next day the CPU load was running in the high 70 to 90% with same load as day before.

I am also interested in information on iSite 7.1.2 Setting and Statistics and Event setup (if you can) and IP Stat, which are part of the iSite program for troubleshooting. I have tried to start logs on all of these with no luck. We are using a stand alone laptop running window XP.  

Also a looking for a manual on the all the telnet commands and there meaning.

Thanks any and all help.
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Reply #1 - Sep 23rd, 2011 at 11:09am  
Gene, when you say it crashing the network, are you speaking to the satellite network crashing?  I am not sure how a simple file transfer can cause a link layer outage unless you are (in-fact) overloading that iDirect units CPU....and I find it doubtful that you touching the pps ceiling for that modem...esp on a 500k file transfer. 

Your issue is hard to diagnose from the remote end.  Even with all the telnet knowedge. You need visibility of layer 2 and 3 from the hub.
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