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Usage on Tooway 10+

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Sep 17th, 2011 at 4:11pm  

Not sure if anyone can help with this unexplainable issue I had...

On the 1st September I have the Tooway 10+ service installed. Installation was completed around 4.30pm.

On Tuesday 6th September at 9.30am  I called Avonline, my provider to ask a couple of questions, and out of interest I asked how much of my 25GB allowance I had used... 5GB was the reply....  

This was as follows....

1st - Almost no download even though I used it until around 11pm
2nd - 2GB
3rd- Almost no download even though I used it until around 11pm
4th - 1.1GB
5th - 1.9GB
6th - Only used until 7am.. so very little..

Now, using my old ADSL my average download for a FULL MONTH is around 17GB for the last 18 months... So,

Can anyone explain why I used so much in 3 days on Tooway? I did noting any different, did not download anything big, as far as I know no updates were done...

Since going back to my ADSL, since the 6th September until now, 17th September I have done the same things and used 5.9GB inc a back up of my website which was 1.4GB..

I am convinced there was a problem with the system, but Avonline or there engineer cannot explain it, so I had no choice but to cancel my contract and have the system removed under there/the legal 7 day return policy..

I am disappointed as the ADSL service in my village is unreliable, and if I could find out why, and not get the same problem, I would love to get the system reinstalled...

Any ideas?

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