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problem in receive data carrier

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Sep 18th, 2011 at 11:32am  
I  got a question if you could help pls
i have to re-point the"2.4m" c band dish i work on from NSS7 22 w  to NSS 5 20 w,which i did that days ago but the problem was the modem couldn't lock on the data carrier i should receive  i checked every thing the dish align the cables the pols the 12v dc to the LNB all was fine i can see the other carriers on the spectrum not the one i want to receive
the Satellite control can see the data carrier i should receive but i cant, they can see me when i transmit CW carrier and with very clean signal no side lope and when modulate the carrier.
when i go back to NSS7 i can receive just fine with the same setting(modem,LNB,cables, and connectors). i have to do that again soon can you think of any thing that i have missed.
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Reply #1 - Sep 18th, 2011 at 12:34pm  
Received your IMs, will respond to the best of my ability here. Given the info provided, I can only make a few basic suggestions:
1. review new parameters with control station, re-verify same in equipment at both ends.
2. control station may not have recalculated link budget for new satellite parameters. I suggest you request of them the same as they asked of you; that is, have the control terminal put a CW carrier up in your assigned NSS5 slot
3. Get a second spectrum analyzer opinion. Not sure if it's available, but - given the correct parameters - the site owner ( may be able to help/

And it wouldn't hurt to read this:

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