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Hughes dish self install

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Sep 20th, 2011 at 1:36am  
I had Hughes service in 2004. I moved and took the dish and the modem with me (I had paid for it). Then 2 years ago, a woman in Laramie, Wy gave me another set-up that she had bought for her business. She sold the building without the antenna. So, I have 2 of them. I live to far away from cable, there isn't phone (except cell and sketchy at best). I need to be able to use a computer and voip (ooma). I am a fairly intelligent guy and can't seem to find any installers locally, this is why I ask. It seems that buying another system for 400 bucks and then having them install it is a waste of money and equipment. I can put in a metal post with concrete to mount the antenna on. I can put a yo-yo on the dish and see what size it is for accuracy. I never paid much attention to it, but know it is oval and a couple of feet, maybe three. Not sure on the modems (6000 and 7000?). So, I looked at the dishes that I have. They are both 39 inches wide. There are some numbers on them that say:0185-370 rev.a  Thenit ays Directway lnb fss 10.95-12.75 Ghz  hnsp/n 103092  3-0006 rev.c Can anyone help me now? Thank you
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