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Commission-free website for Space/Managed Services

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Sep 23rd, 2011 at 10:13am  
On SatServMarket the deals are made directly between the buyer and the seller. SatServMarket does not charge a commission or display pricing. When you search a Satellite Space or Managed Services ad on SatServMarket, the View Ad window opens to provide you with the satellite operators' own coverage map link and the direct e-mail contact details of the company e-mail address that place the ad, whether a salesperson or the web marketing team.   

'Where serious buyers meet serious sellers' - take  a look at and register as a Trading  Member. Join the authorised, registered user community. Upon  registration and authorisation as a Member of the Trading Group you will be issued with unlimited use of the site in the introductory  period.

You can post a Corporate Advert and quickly compose Selling  Adverts offering Satellite Space and Managed Services. The bulk of the  FSS fleets is already loaded into the ad composition piece of  SatServMarket.

Post "unloved/unwanted", inclined orbit and premium services. You  control what inventory you put out there. Which salesperson continually pushes unloved/unwanted capacity? How does that salesperson reach those new companies he or she cannot  possibly know about? 

SatServMarket already has members from the UK, Israel, the USA, France, the Netherlands,  UAE, South Africa, Germany, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, Ireland, Saudi  Arabia, Kenya, Indonesia and Spain.

You post your ad. Sellers and buyers deal direct. There are no Third  Party commissions. No pricing is displayed. Satellite Space & Managed Services Offered. On-line Members' Directory. Suppliers & Equipment  listings.

View available inventory on-line. Reduce your cost of sales. Reinforce  Sales Team activity. Maintain backlog revenue. Connect more quickly  and efficiently on available capacity and services.

What they are saying about SatServMarket: "Really like the way the Satellite Space ads work, and no issues with  functionality and content of the drop-downs couldn't be easier. [I]  also like that the ad automatically links to the footprint provided by  the operator."
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