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Oct 12th, 2011 at 3:45am  
Extremely flexible, self-motivated, fast learning technician with 10+ years of IT experience, primarily in Transmission & Satellite Network Control environments.

I'm looking for full time, contract, temp, etc. positions anywhere on the planet, but I’d prefer the Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai or Colorado areas.

My resume is posted below and feel free get in touch!

Thanks in advance for your consideration

Justan Stensland  





Highly motivated IT professional with a solid technical background installing, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting LAN/WAN communications networks, systems, and equipment. Specialized expertise in network control and satellite transmission environments with vast troubleshooting experience. Proven ability to deliver quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction in a fast-paced tactical environment. Superior communication skills; effective at all organizational levels. Core competencies include:

Customer Service
Excellent Work Ethic      
Promina 400/800
Encryption & Security
Satellite Communications
Signal Theory
Network Control Operations


Information Technology: A proven IT Specialist in the most challenging environments for over 10 years. Resourceful, reliable and adaptable, exercising superb competence and efficiency with every project.
•Expertly operated, maintained and troubleshot all network communications for 2K+ users supporting secure and non-secure voice/data circuitry traversing multiple nodes and networks.  
•Comprehensive experience with a wide range of IDNX-related hardware, software and equipment such as; ATM switches, Cisco 7600 routers, Promina 800 multiplexors, Mark V timing devices, Canoga-Perkins fiber modems, TACSAT, STT, FTSAT, DKET and TROPO stations, High Power Amplifiers, satellite modems, LNBs, Active Directory, Windows Servers 2003/2007, Access Servers, hubs, cabling and firewalls.
•Professionally maintained Master Station Logs, meticulously annotating all facility activities such as; circuit and trunk outages, equipment malfunctions, Authorized Service Interruptions, HAZCON’s and end-of-shift reports.  
•Worked seamlessly with DISA, RNOSC and other network managers to install/uninstall circuits and diagnose/resolve network issues while adhering to DoD regulations, operational standards and procedures.
•Employed various network monitoring tools such as Remedy Action Reporting System, SPECTRUM OneClick, Solar Winds and WhatsUP Gold to actively monitor and maintain network continuity.
•Served as facility COMSEC custodian on numerous occasions utilizing several transmission, storage and fill devices to perform monthly updates/reloads on bulk encryption devices.
•Routinely used circuit and signal testing equipment such as; Fireberd 8000s, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and PC terminals with diagnostic readouts to actively diagnose and proactively troubleshoot problems.
•Proactively cross trained in numerous areas including; REDCOM IGX, Help Desk and Network Administration.  

Leadership and Supervision: A superior leader with demonstrated performance in high-pressure environments.  Earned a solid reputation for improving organizational performance through hands-on training and a leadership approach that emphasized creative decision-making through active listening.
•Superbly managed up to 10 members of a team. Renowned for firm, yet compassionate mentorship.
•Trained military and civilian personnel on different communications systems including theory of operation, equipment configuration, system/equipment troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Problem-Solving and Analysis: Consistently implemented keen analytical abilities, a proven team-based work dynamic and a systems-oriented approach to facilitate creative, efficient and effective solutions.
•Outside of the box thinker; open to alternative views and processes to optimize decision-making.
•Streamlined operations and improved productivity through effective reporting, statistical analysis, prioritization and customer communication.

SATCOM/TCF Technician - Night Shift Lead
ITT Systems Division
COB Speicher, Iraq      2010 - Present

Management Assistant (Database)
Defense Contract Management Agency - Southern Europe
Wiesbaden, Germany - 2009 – 2010

Network Administration Associate
Software and Support Media GmbH
Multiple Locations - USA, Europe, and Asia  2007 – 2009

Satellite Control Technician
Cendant GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany - 2005 – 2007

Network Switching Systems/Joint Network Node Operator & Maintainer
U.S. Army
Multiple Locations - Europe and Iraq  - 2001 – 2005


•Comp TIA Network + - (2011)
•Comp TIA Security + - (2011)
•ITIL Foundation Version 3 - (2011)
•Interim SECRET Security Clearance - (2010)
•SICM Database Management Levels I and II - (2010)
•OSHA 600 Safety Course - (2009)
•VPN Network Operations, Management and Security - (2007)
•NET IDNX Promina Operation & Maintenance - (2003)
•REDCOM Tactical Communications Package Operation & Maintenance - (2003)


•Deployable Ku Band Earth Terminal Station (DKET - LT) - (2011)
•G3 Network and Computer Security Training - (2011)
•Protecting Classified Information and Materials - (2011)
•AN/USC-60A Flyaway Tri-Band Satellite Terminal (FTSAT) - (2007)
•Repair and Restore Hardware, Software, and Media - (2008_)
•Cisco Routing and Switching Fundamentals- (2006)
•SONET Fundamentals - (2005)
•TDMA, FDMA and CDMA – (2004)
•Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry Systems - (2004)
•Transmission Media and Modulating Techniques - (2004)
•Test Equipment, BER Test Set, Multi-meter - (2004)
•Fault Management, Isolation and Troubleshooting - (2004)
•Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC/WLC) - (2004)
•Station Power, Generators, UPS - (2003)
•Cable Shorts, Grounds, Opens - (2003)
•Bandwidth and traffic Utilization - (2003)
•Encryption Masking Devices, Multiplexers - (2003)
•Cable Fabrication, Multi-pin, Coaxial - (2003)
•SHF, UHF, VHF Transmission Systems - (2003)
•Digital & Analog Switching Systems - (2002)
•Configure, Modem CSU/DSU, Switches - (2002)
•Network Timing Devices - (2002)
•COMSEC Handling, Distribution and Storage - (2003)
•Electronics I, II and III - (2002)
•General Dynamics Resident School; Transmission & Switching Systems Operation & Maintenance - (2001)

Additional information is available upon request.
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