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Massive Earth Station equipment sale

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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Oct 20th, 2011 at 11:58am  
The following earth station equipment is for sale from
Luis Sanfeliu, MeCoM
Calle Siemens No. 66
Complejo Industrial Sta. Elena
Antiguo Cuscatlán , El Salvador.
PBX         +(503) 2515 0011
MOV        +(503) 7874-8888
RED  1025*1067*1
SKYPE luis.sanfeliu

Please contact him directly, if interested.

Brief details which I have copied. See full details and images in
(850k download pdf file size)

1 Switch system CPI 1:2
2 AMP CPI 125W C band
4 AMP CPI 700W C band
2 Antenna control units Vertex
1 Antenna 16.4m Vertex C band
1 Antenna 3.8m Prodelin
1 Antenna 7.2m Vertex C band
1 Antenna 4m
1 Antenna switch system Maxtech
1 Bandwidth manager Newbridge
1 Combiner 6 GHz.
3 Combiner shelf EFData
1 LNA controller 1:2
4 Up-Converter Comtech 70/140 - 6 GHz.
2 Down-converter Comtech 4 GHz - 140 MHz
6 Dual converter EFData
6 Data Switch Unit EFData
1 Demod board EFData
1 Dehydrator Andrew
1 Drive cabinet Vertex 7134CS
1 Drive Unit cabinet Vertex 7134
1 Drive Unit cabinet Vertex 7150
1 Hand held antenna controller VertexRSI
2 LNA Maxtech LCB4035
4 LNA Maxtech LCD-4030
1 Loop test translator Radyne
5 M:N Switch control EFData
1 Remote site manager WTI RSM-800
5 Satellite Modems SDM-300A Adaptive broadband 50-180 MHz
10 Satellite modems Comtech SDM-300A
14 Satellite modems Comtech SDM-8000 (1 demod fail)
1 MTS4000 EFData 6 GHz
1 MTS4000 EFData 4 GHz (PSU fault)
1 Monitor panel
1 patch panel
1 patch panel
1 Rack EFData PL/5407
2 Rack EFData RK10101
1 Rack EFData RL10201
1 Rack EFData RL10301
1 Rack EFData RL10401
1 Rack CPI
1 Rack Globecomms Systems
1 Rain blower
1 Redundancy switch Maxtech
1 Redundancy switch Sector Microwave
1 Redundancy switch
2 Tracking receiver vertex TRC-14
3 Panel interfase unbalanced UB-300

(from email 18 Oct 2011)
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