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AfricaCom Satellite Provider of the Year SkyVision

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Nov 28th, 2011 at 10:07am  
Announcing the winners of this year's awards, AfricaCom stated that: "SkyVision prides itself on its ability to provide a diverse range of satellite internet connectivity solutions to meet any demand, expectation, and company need. During 2011 alone, SkyVision increased its satellite capacity over Africa, enabling it to support growing demand for its ever-increasing portfolio of services and to deliver the most progressive SLA in the market."


Ku-band VSAT Services at:

Also during AfricaCom 2011, SkyVision launched its new Ku-band VSAT Services in Africa, offering robust and dependable IP connectivity. In contrast to most other Ku-band VSAT service providers, who offer only limited services with a monthly quota, SkyVision will provide its customers with unlimited capacity, offering its SkyDirect Premium and SkyDirect Business mid-range content services, with 1:4 and 1:8 contention ratios respectively and unlimited traffic usage.

SATELLITE: T11N - Satellite Coverage for IP connectivity over Africa
SkyVision Services: SkyDirect Series, SkyVision Optimize, SkyVision VNO
Available in: Africa
Orbital Location: 37.5 W
Gateway: North America
Feed System: Linear polarization
Frequency Range: Ku-Band
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