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openAMIP doesn't start automatically

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Dec 14th, 2011 at 10:00pm  

Im working with an iDirect 7000. Im conected to the iDirect console and I have a simple openAMIP antenna simulator running in my laptop:
-I start my antenna simulator and then I power-on the iDirect modem. No error message appears in the console after the start-up, but the iDirect doesnt connect to my antenna simulator.
-If I login on the iDirect console and I telnet the iDirect application, and I send the "antenna point" command from the telnet command line, the iDirect connects to my antenna simulator and I see some openAMIP messages coming from the iDirect.

Is it possible to configure the iDirect to automatically start the antenna pointing?

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Reply #1 - Dec 15th, 2011 at 11:42am  
I am not familiar with the simulator you mention.  Does this SIM take the place of a DAC2202?  Does the SIM reside in the subnet of the iDirect? 

Also, is that SIM's IP address configured in the Antenna Tab of the remotes control panel in iBuilder?  You have to make the iDirect aware of the controller (Or SIM in your case, but its typically a DAC 2202 controller associated with a Seatel stabilized parabolic). 

Long story short, OpenAMIP must be config'ed in the remotes properties in iBuilder and the controller (SIM in your case) must be IP appropriately so it can communicate with the iDirect.
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Regards, &&&&M
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Reply #2 - Dec 15th, 2011 at 4:14pm  
Hello, and thanks again for your answer.
Im developing the antenna openAMIP simulator.
The thing is the iDirect does not connect to my simulator, after the iDirect power-on.
Ive no network issues as the iDirect connects to my simulator and I see openAMIP messages. The point is I have to write the command "antenna point" on the iDirect console to start its connection with the simulator.
I think there has to be a way to configure it through the options file.
I dont know if you have access to an iBuilder.
If so, I would appreciate an example of options file that configure the iDirect to start the openAMIP communications automatically... if its possible.
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Reply #3 - Jan 25th, 2012 at 9:21pm  

I have a seatel antenna talking with an idirect modem using the OpenAmip protocol and have no issues with it

For your simulator is it responding with the correct information to the idirect (i.e. is is responding to the L (status command)?

on a second note make sure the port you define in the idirect options file matches the port you use on the simulator

if you need more help give me a shout on



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