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Implementing GQoS - IDX. case scenario

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Jan 8th, 2012 at 10:56am  
Hello All,

I have not implemented yet GQoS, yet using the default system QoS profile for all my network.

I need to know which is the best practice to setup a pool of 1024Kbps for a customer having 3 sites and which want share the 1024Kbps dedicated bandwidth for all three sites. BW should be assigned as follows:

1- Site Z: dedicated 512Kbps
2- Site Y: Dedicated 128Kbps
3- Site Z: Dedicated 64Kbps

The remaining 320Kbps should be free for all sites and to be used by any upon request and availability.

looking for your expert advise.
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Reply #1 - Jan 25th, 2012 at 8:00pm  
Looking at your email below i have some more questions and a quick few pointers

GQoS is really designed for implementing either multiple bandwidth groups (creating a network inside a network for a specific customer for example)

and also to break up different traffic types (Voice, customer traffic, citrix, internet etc)

how are you defining each of the customers are they using the same VLAN etc

if so then this would be a simple implementation to do

for each site are you looking at preferring one over the other? i.e is the 512K CIR to get more of the 320 left over the 64K CIR?

if you need any more information or want to set out traffic types etc give me a shout on



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