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For Sale Probecom 1.2M Flyaway antenna system

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Mar 7th, 2012 at 2:03am  

The antenna is Single offset parabolic antenna,the structure feature: reflcetor is formed by six panels,it is connect with rapid buckle to avoid inconvenience of bringing the erecting tools and fastening the bolts; the feed bracket is light and stable, Elevation and Azimuth can be adjusted and locked; outrigger can be extended flexibly; the entire antenna structure is professionally designed,each components is convenient to disassemble and assemble, the entire antenna can be packed in one box.The antenna is short in focal length,small in size,light in weight with good stability,it is suitable to be as various portable satellite communication stations.

2, Technical specification

Mechanical specification

Antenna type:     Single offset portable antenna
Diameter:          1.2 M
Drive Mode:       Manual
Scope:          Azimuth: ±90°
Environment characteristics
Temperature:   —30°~60°
Humidity   0%~100%
Earthquake:     0.3G’s (Horizonta)
Electrical specification

Operating Frequency  

Ku-band:Rx(Ghz) 12.25-12.75   Tx(Ghz) 14.0-14.5

Antenna Gain(dBi)
Ku-Band: Rx(GHz) 42.0+201g(F/12.45) Tx(GHz): 43.2+201g(F/14.25)
The first sidelobe level     —14dB
Polarization modes       Linear polarization,polarization: ±90° adjustable
Antenna cross polarization isolation       Axial≥30dB
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(VSWR)    1.3:1
Isolation,Tx. To Rx.            80dB
Antenna noise temperature      50°K (Elevation 20°)
Weight              40 kg
Installation time       2 people, ten minutes

About Probecom

Probecom  Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd.( ) professional supply 0.55m Flyaway carbon fiber antenna,0.75m Flyaway carbon fiber antenna,1.0m Flyaway carbon fiber antenna,1.2m Flyaway carbon fiber antenna,1.2m Portable offset antennas,Probecom flyaway antenna system with High gain and excellent sidelobe performance,and Simple and robust structure.
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